Steamed dumplings
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Art of the Dumpling

The juicy dumplings are Din Tai Fung’s signature dish. They are made from a long coil of dough that is pinched into small pieces and rolled into paper-thin disks. A spoonful of filling--pork with shrimp, vegetables or crab--is added to the center, and the dough is pulled and crimped into a series of tiny swirling folds that are pinched closed at the top. (ANACLETO RAPPING / LAT)
Frank Yang runs the Din Tai Fung Dumpling House in Arcadia. (ANACLETO RAPPING / LAT)
The original Din Tai Fung Dumpling House in Taipei. (DAVID HARTUNG / Getty Images)
Artfully pleated pouches: Taipei’s steamed juicy pork dumplings come to Arcadia. (ANACLETO RAPPING / LAT)
Din Tai Fung is a bit of Taipei a few blocks from Santa Anita Racetrack. (ANACLETO RAPPING / LAT)
Cooks turn out steamer basket after steamer basket of dumplings in Taipei. All restaurant chefs train for three months at the Taipei kitchen. (DAVID HARTUNG / Getty Images)
Customers order while waiting in line at the original Din Tai Fung. (DAVID HARTUNG / Getty Images)