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Vanessa Beecroft

Vanessa Beecroft, a conceptual artist now based in Los Angeles, traveled to Sudan in 2005, disturbed by the news of genocide. She’d been nursing her son at home, and when she arrived she offered breast milk for three newborns who’d lost their mothers. Two of them were twins, and Beecroft fell in love with them, visiting again in 2006 and pursuing plans to adopt them. The deep connection she made with the infants on the visits shown here threw her life at home into turmoil.

Vanessa holding twins Madit and Mangor on her second visit to Rumbek, South Sudan. (Alexa Hoyer)
Beecroft holds Mangor. (Alexa Hoyer)
The home of Akot Makoi, the twins’ father, in Yiek, South Sudan. (Alexa Hoyer)
Beecroft outside the twins’ father’s house. (Alexa Hoyer)
Beecroft nursing Mangor at the twins’ father house. (Alexa Hoyer)
Beecroft nurses Mangor while Akot Makoi, the twin’s father, looks on. The twins’ aunt bottle-feeds Madit, at right. (Alexa Hoyer)