Kate and Will’s big fat fake wedding -- and other royal wedding re-creations (think Legos)

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Kate and Wills got married Friday -- not.

Rather, look-alikes of the royal couple publicly “wed” Friday in London during an elaborate launch of a new satirical photo book, “Kate & Wills Up the Aisle: A Right Royal Fairy Tale” by Alison Jackson.

A story in London’s Daily Mirror says Jackson uses look-alikes in the book “to create paparazzi-style pictures of celebrities in risque poses.” Risque aside, to me there’s something appealing about the idea of the royals dining at a KFC among their subjects. (Check out more photos here.)

Of course, the real wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton is on for April 29, and there are plenty of genuine tributes too.

For one, Legoland Windsor announced a special preview Friday of a new Royal Wedding scene (in Legos, of course) that has been added to the Buckingham Palace area in the theme park’s Miniland. In the scene, the bride and groom stand amid throngs of well-wishers at the palace while other members of the royal family wave from the windows.

It took 30 hours and 10,000 bricks to build the scene (not including the 160,000 bricks in Buckingham Palace), according to a Legoland Windsor statement. The debut of the scene coincides with celebrations marking the 15th anniversary of the theme park near London.


And then there’s a portrait of the couple made from 137 toothpicks and glue. (Look for the sixth photo from the left on Steven J. Backman’s Web page.) Not that the celebrity duo is stuck-up, mind you.