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In the COVID-19 era, my 12-year-old played more video games than ever. What kind of parent was I to allow this? But then I talked to experts.

The humble date holds a special significance for Muslims as well as farmers in Southern California’s Coachella Valley -- considered the date capital of the United States

A California lumber town has repeatedly bounced back from adversity —fires, economic downturns, COVID-19. Like the town, Chase Kirby is a survivor.

With supreme confidence and politically incorrect bluster, businessman Dan Pena made a fortune. He prods and pokes his students to do the same.

After more than a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, close physical contact has become anything but routine. Here are some stories of first post-vaccine hugs.

Though Pollo Campero has dozens of outlets in the U.S., travelers returning from Central American bring loads of its fried chicken — a literal taste of home.



A flourishing subgenre of YouTube channels features North Korean refugees telling how they fled the authoritarian government and how they’ve adjusted.



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