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Trying to create a social pod so her daughter could again play with her friends led this mom down a rabbit hole of awkwardness, rejection and frustration.

Halley Harding was a gifted athlete and journalist who railed against bigotry and racism. His remarkable life isn’t well-known, but it should be.

The Lakers’ 2020 NBA championship rings may have cost more than $20,000 each and feature nods to Kobe Bryant and the unique challenges the season presented.

With little else to do, the COVID-19 pandemic has given D&D players a reason to gather virtually to go on heroic quests in the increasingly popular role-playing game.

Michael Atkinson, the top internal watchdog for the U.S. intelligence community, played a key role in events leading to the impeachment of President Trump. He talks about his history-making role in the drama for the first time.

A 2008 train crash in Chatsworth killed 25 people and broke a long congressional stalemate on a nationwide rail safety project known as “positive train control.” Twelve years later, that system is finally in place.

With scientists warning that singing can spread the coronavirus, choirs have fallen silent. Singing over Zoom falls flat, but one inventive baritone has found a way to let many harmonize together.

World events influence language, and words once reserved for science or academia — think “social distancing” and “pandemic” — are used all over.



Many workers fled when the coronavirus tore through a Bakersfield nursing home. A handful refused to leave the residents behind.



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