Disney California Adventure
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Top 10 Disney California Adventure rides and attractions

It’s sad but true: Disney’s California Adventure looks downright anemic standing next to Disneyland. The theme park was built on the cheap and it shows. Expect lots of construction dust over the coming years as Disney seeks to rectify the glaring disparity -- to the tune of $1.1 billion.  (Disney)
10. Redwood Creek Challenge Trail -- The forest-themed play area features a network of rope bridges and ranger lookout towers. Kids love the side-by-side tire swing races. (Disney)
9. Monsters Inc. Mike & Scully to the Rescue -- Riders travel through the streets of Metropolis in a dark ride based on the movie. The oft-maligned ride is better than what it replaced: Superstar Limo. (Disney)
8. It’s Tough to Be a Bug -- The 4-D film with terrific and terrifying special effects benefits from repeat viewings, something you can’t say about many theme-park movies. The fear factor may be too high for preschoolers, but the tween set will love the gaseous gags and spine-tingling tricks. (Disney)
7. Silly Symphony Swings -- Despite the bigger-faster-better advances in technology, the classic wave-swinger ride remains one of our all-time favorite theme park attractions. We love the relatively restraint-free sensation of soaring through the air and the throwback feeling of wistfully revisiting a bygone seaside amusement park era. (Disney)
6. California Screamin’ -- The looping steel coaster themed to look like a classic seaside woodie starts with a thrilling magnetic-powered launch. Probably the smoothest roller coaster we’ve ever ridden.  (Disney)
5. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror -- The thrilling elevator drop ride themed to the classic 1960s television show delivers a truly awesome experience with randomly changing rise-and-fall sequences. (Disney)
4. Toy Story Midway Mania -- The shooting gallery video game on wheels takes the dark ride to the next level. Our competitive side could spend all day on this ride gunning for the top score -- if we didn’t suffer from a repetitive-stress injury first. You will have a blast. (Disney)
3. World of Color -- The Fantasmic-like nighttime spectacle wows with an array of dancing fountains, movie projections and lighting effects set to music. Get a FastPass early in the day to secure your spot amid the massive crowd. (Disney)
2. “Aladdin” -- The 40-minute, Broadway-style musical retells the film’s story in one of the best theme park shows we’ve ever seen. A fan outcry over plans to drop the final curtain on “Aladdin” got the show extended indefinitely at the 2,000-seat Hyperion Theater. (Disney)
1. Soarin’ Over California -- The flight simulator blends the sensation of hang gliding with a wrap-around IMAX dome for a panoramic, cinematic tour of California landmarks. Don’t miss this one. (Disney)