Santa’s home-away-from-the-North Pole
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Step inside the Santa Suite

In addiition to public visits, people can rent the Santa Suite for 90-minute private functions. For an extra fee, Santa will be there too.  (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune )
A Swiss tree festooned with red and white ornaments and other decorative touches greets guests in the Santa Suite.  (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune )
A wall of ornaments is the backdrop for Santa’s throne in the Santa Suite at Swissotel.  (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune )
Tiny sombreros are part of the decor on the Mexico tree.  (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune )
Santa costumes hang in the closet of the Santa Suite at the Swissotel.  (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune )
Decorations for the elaborately tricked out Santa Suite started going up in mid-November.  (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune )
A photo of Mrs. Claus sits on the nightstand of the king-size bed in the Santa Suite, which can be booked for overnight stays, starting at $2,500.  (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune )
Wreaths mark the door to the Santa Suite on the 41st floor of the Swissotel.  (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune )
Santa Claus, played by Tim McCarthy, kicks back in his Christmasy crib in the Swissotel.  (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune )
A dining room table in the Presidential Suite displays cookies and other sweet treats from countries around the world.  (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune )
Tim McCarthy, who can deliver a hearty ho-ho-ho, has played Santa at the Swissotel for five years running.  (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune )
From its perch 41 stories high, the Santa Suite has sweet views of Navy Pier.  (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune )
Trees decorated in the style of a dozen different countries are placed throughout the Santa Suite, including one representing Greece and adorned with olive branches and flanked by columns.  (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune )
Even the bathtub gets decorated in the Santa Suite.  (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune )
The Presidential Suite, which doubles as the Santa Suite in December, measures 2,000 square feet.  (Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune )
Santa gets a nice view out of his 41st floor bedroom in the spacious Santa Suite at the Swissotel. The suite is bookable for overnight stays, starting at $2,500.  ( Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune )
Kids and adults can hobnob with Jolly Old Saint Nick in the Santa Suite at the Swissotel. Tickets cost $40 per family of four, or $15 for an individual.  ( Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune )