“Tower of Babel of Books”
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Offbeat Traveler: ‘Tower of Babel of Books’ in Buenos Aires

“Tower of Babel of Books”
The installation was constructed with books donated by more than 50 countries. In biblical literature, the Babylonians were constructing a grand city to raise their profile, and it included a tower that would reach the heavens, the Tower of Babel. Seeing this, God dispersed them and gave them different languages so they couldn’t communicate with one another. The city and tower were never finished. (Juan Mabromata / AFP / Getty Images)
The “Tower of Babel of Books” stands 82 feet high. (Juan Mabromata / AFP / Getty Images)
Artist Marta Minujín
Artist Marta Minujín stands inside her creation. Minujín was born in Buenos Aires’ San Telmo neighborhood and studied at the National University Art Institute nearby. (Natacha Pisarenko / Associated Press)
Artist Marta Minujín
Minujín created a similar installation dedicated to freedom of expression nearly 30 years ago. After democracy returned to Argentina in 1983 following seven years of dictatorship, Minujín re-created the Parthenon with 30,000 previously banned books. Her work was called “The Parthenon of Books.” (Natacha Pisarenko / Associated Press)
Visitors can enter the tower by appointment. Guided tours are available. (Juan Mabromata / AFP / Getty Images)
Workers assemble the “Tower of Babel of Books.” (Juan Mabromata / AFP / Getty Images)
Plaza San Martín
The tower stands in Plaza San Martín in Buenos Aires’ Retiro neighborhood. (Juan Mabromata / AFP / Getty Images)