National park photo ops: Make the best of bison traffic jams in Yellowstone

Rush hour in Yellowstone National Park is a little different than in other parts of the country. Here, a bison lumbers down the highway near Madison Junction.
(Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times)

Rush hour in Yellowstone National Park is different from other parts of the country, as shown by this bison lumbering down the highway near Madison Junction. It brought traffic to a crawl. And it’s really a common sight. But don’t stop your car and don’t approach the bison. They don’t look fast but they can charge you and do some damage. This picture was taken with a 70-200-mm zoom lens (and somebody else at the wheel).

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<p>Yellowstone&rsquo;s appeal are it’s wildlife and geothermal wonders that could kill you. But in the mean time, they&rsquo;re beautiful.</p>

In honor of this year’s National Park Service centennial, the Travel section is posting 100 park travel ideas and tips based on trips staff travel writer Christopher Reynolds has taken, along with photo-op advice from Times photographer Mark Boster. We’ll post one per day through Dec. 31.


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