Reader recommendation: Fabulous travel agent Dawn Thompson

It was midday Friday. We were packed and ready to leave Sunday for a 15-day cruise. A cruise booking agent phoned to offer a refund and a very large amount of money if we would give up our reservation. We could not pass up this offer.

I immediately phoned Dawn Thompson, a recommended travel agent. She said she could plan a 14-day itinerary to New Zealand but was taken aback when I told her we wanted to leave in three or four days. Dawn asked what we wanted to spend and what we were interested in doing. By Monday morning, we had a five-city tour set up with confirmed hotel, rental car, transfers and excursion reservations. The trip turned out to be fabulous, with just the right amount of time in each location and perfectly chosen hotels and excursions. If Dawn can set up such a wonderful trip in three days, I wonder what she could do with more time.

Dawn Thompson, (800) 227-9246, Ext. 243,

Irene Kennedy


Laguna Niguel

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