Think an airline owes you money? Here’s a website and app that may help you collect

Could it be true? Here’s a website and app that help you find money owed you by the airlines. Frequent fliers who travel to or within Europe will want to give it a try.


What it does: The website acts on your behalf to obtain compensation for you if your flight was delayed, canceled or overbooked within the last three years. It is based on a European law for European airspace. You are charged a fee only if you are compensated.

What’s hot: Don’t dismiss this because you don’t keep your boarding passes. Neither do I, but AirHelp offered to check my email for flight information. Bingo! It found a flight I took nearly two years ago for which I might be compensated. The amount of compensation depends on whether your flight was delayed, canceled or if you were denied boarding. It also depends on which airline you were flying and its country of origin. See the website’s “Know Your Rights” section for details.


What’s not: The pop-up box to chat or ask for help wasn’t instant like on some websites. It looks as if it might be, however, when I tried it I did not get a reply to the questions I wanted answered before I enrolled. Instead, use the options for help on the Contact Us page for emails and phone numbers.