California fall colors
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Where fall colors are popping in California

Colors at Rock Creek in the Eastern Sierra are starting to show, particularly at 8,500 feet in elevation.

 (Josh Wray)

Upper Rock Creek in Mono County is approaching peak season. 

 (Darrell Sano)

Gold of aspens at Upper Rock Creek in Mono County.

 (Don Vilfer)

Yellows and greens are the dominant tree colors on Virginia Lakes Road in Mono County.

 (Jeff Simpson)

Weir Pond in Bishop Creek Canyon.

 (Jared Smith)

Sabrina Campground in Bishop Creek Canyon is starting to pop. This is the area along California 168.

 (Jared Smith)

Aspens line the high-elevations part of the trail along Hilton Creek in the Eastern Sierra. 

 (Greg Newbry)

Much closer to home is Yucaipa Regional Park in Yucaipa, 10 miles east of San Bernardino. Colors are just starting to change in the area.

 (Alena Nicholas)