Cruise Street
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Photos: The evolution of Cars Land at Disney California Adventure

Cruise Street
The origin of Carland began with Cruise Street, a neon-lit streetscape set between 1955 to 1965 when American popular culture was dominated by rock ‘n’ roll, car hops and hot rods. (Disney)
Marty’s Drive-In
Down at the end of Cruise Street, Marty’s Drive-In typified the Googie architectural style popular with coffee shops and car hops of the era. Marty’s featured a space age design with a diagonal zigzag roofline, cantilevered supports and a futuristic neon sign with an atomic burst. (Disney)
Souvenir shop
Visitors entered the Road Trip USA ride at Carland through a Route 66-style souvenir shop advertising strange, amazing and thrilling attractions not to be missed. (Disney)
Cross-country trip
The original Carland ride concept featured a cross-country road trip in a 1962 station wagon past Mt. Rushmore, under waterfalls and over covered bridges. Along the way, riders would encounter oversized chickens and life-sized dinosaurs designed to entice motorists to stop at roadside attractions. (Disney)
Car wash
Road Trip USA in Carland journeyed through a car wash filled with spinning bristle brushes, blowing air dryers and squirting water jets. (Disney)
Carland cavern
The Road Trip USA ride in Carland journeyed through a Nature’s Wonderland-like cavern filled with stalactites and stalagmites. (Disney)
Goofy About Road Trips
The Goofy About Road Trips ride added a Disney character overlay based on the 1995 “A Goofy Movie” about a cross-country road trip by the anthropomorphic dog. (Disney)
Goofy ride
The Goofy About Road Trips attraction at Carland took riders on a journey with the absentminded Goofy where things went awry and mayhem ensued. (Disney)
Sally’s Road Rally
Sally’s Road Rally took visitors through familiar locations in Radiator Springs and into the world of the “Cars” characters. (Disney)
Junkyard Jamboree
Originally conceived as a dark ride, Junkyard Jamboree at Carland would have taken visitors through an auto salvage yard where old junkers came to life after dark and played music. (Disney)
Final step
The final concept drawing of Carland included many elements that would eventually migrate to Cars Land, with an expansive Radiator Springs Racers ride dominating the horizon and an embryonic version of Luigi’s Flying Tires levitating bumper cars taking shape. (Disney)
Cars Land
Set to debut in summer 2012, the 12-acre Cars Land under construction at Disney California Adventure will feature three new rides set amid a faithful re-creation of the isolated red rock desert town populated by Lightning McQueen and other animated vehicles in the “Cars” film franchise. (Disney)