Old Mill (1901)
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Photos: Top 10 oldest rides and attractions at Kennywood

The 1901 Old Mill is Kennywood’s oldest ride and the world’s oldest operating version of the vintage tunnel of love-style dark ride. (Kennywood)
After nearly a century, the 1918 Whip at Kennywood still whips riders around an elliptical track to the shrieks and shrills of hysterical laughter. (Kennywood)
The 1921 Jack Rabbit wooden terrain coaster features a distinctive double dip element and an unconventional mid-course lift hill. (Associated Press)
The Wacky Wheel kiddie Ferris Wheel was built in 1924 by the W.F. Mangels Co. (Kennywood)
The 1924 wooden terrain coaster was known as Pippin until 1968 when it was expanded using parts from the original ride and renamed Thunderbolt. (Kennywood)
Built in 1927, the Racer wooden coaster features a unique continuous track layout that makes it the only single-track racing coaster in the United States. (Associated Press)
Named a National Historic Landmark, the 1927 carousel built by the William Dentzel Co. features hand-crafted horses, lions, tigers, jesters and cherubs. (Kennywood)
The 1927 Turtle is one of the last operating Tumble Bug rides left in the world. (Kennywood)
Built in 1930, the last-of-its-kind Auto Race lets drivers navigate cars through a twisting and turning course. (Kennywood)
The 1936 Noah’s Ark walk-through dark attraction takes visitors through the boat and past the animals on board. (Kennywood)