Viewing platform
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Touring Ground Zero

Viewing platform
Nighttime visitors pay their respects from the viewing platform, entered at Broadway and Fulton Street. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)
Circle Line boat
Passengers aboard a Circle Line boat to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island take photographs. Because of heightened security, entering the statue itself is not yet permitted. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)
Writing a tribute
Rick Chupp of Bloomington, Ind., writes a tribute on the viewing platform at the World Trade Center site. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)
Empire State Building
The Empire State Building soars behind a visitor at Fifth Avenue and 34th Street. The building remains open but with tighter security. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)
Towers of light
Towers of light pay tribute to those lost Sept. 11. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)
“The Sphere”
“The Sphere"--a steel and bronze sculpture created in 1971 by artist Fritz Koenig to promote peace through international commerce--was partially crushed by falling debris from the towers. It now serves as a temporary memorial. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)
South Street Seaport Museum
People wait in line at the South Street Seaport Museum to get tickets to the Trade Center viewing platform. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)
Signs guide visitors to neighborhood restaurants. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)
Naked Cowboy
A man who calls himself “The Naked Cowboy” entertains visitors. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)
Giant U.S. flag
Large U.S. flags are a familiar site near Ground Zero. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)
Empire State Building lobby
The lobby of the Empire State Building is abuzz with people. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)
Altered skyline
On the boat to the Statue of Liberty, tourists take photographs of the altered New York City skyline. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)
New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art
The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a popular place to visit. (Gary Friedman / LAT)
Tourists photograph the skyline without the towers
On the boat to the Statue of Liberty, tourists take pictures and capture the new skyline of New York City. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)
Madison Avenue
Signs of support for New York pepper Madison Avenue. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)
Memorials and missing posters
A man at Grand Central Station reads the memorials and missing posters posted there. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)
Visting Ground Zero
Vistors to Ground Zero take pictures and video from the viewing platform. (GARY FRIEDMAN / LAT)