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Exploring the indoors

Customers check out more than 260 reels on display at the 185,000-square-foot Cabela’s in Rogers, Minn. (Jayme Halbritter / For The Times)
Outfitters fight the online trend by luring customers not only with mega aquariums, bike trails and shooting ranges, but with mountains of stuff. California is now in their sights. (Jayme Halbritter / For The Times)
Marketing manager John Castillo holds a toilet seat embedded with bullets. (He also sells a fishing lure model.) (Jayme Halbritter / For The Times)
Chris Klinkhammer, left, and father Jon Proell check out the display of African animals at Cabela’s in Rogers, west of Minneapolis. The company operates 14 stores, with eight more planned. (Jayme Halbritter / For The Times)
Items such as these giant fish pillows show that Cabela’s isn’t just a men’s hook-and-bullet store. Other products include Barbie and SpongeBob fishing kits, paintball and old-fashioned games like tiddlywinks, jacks and hopscotch. (Jayme Halbritter / For The Times)
Camouflage hats are among the countless camo items at the Cabela’s in Rogers, Minn., which opened about a month ago. This display area measures about 10,000 square feet and is devoted solely to camouflage attire. (Jayme Halbritter / For The Times)
Customers check out some of the hundreds of guns. The finest offerings of Cabela’s supply are showcased in the Library, a room that smells of sweet gun oil and wood polish and where ammo is boxed and stacked in rows 6-feet high. (Jayme Halbritter / For The Times)
A customer takes a break on one of Cabela’s rustic-style benches in front of a wildlife display. Rustic furniture is also sold at the store. (Jayme Halbritter / For The Times)
A customer weighs her options at the store’s Reel Bar. (Jayme Halbritter / For The Times)