View to a kill
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Killer whales

View to a kill
Alisa Schulman-Janiger, left, photographer Peggy Stap and Nancy Black watch the water for attacks in Monterey Bay, where a killer whale, top photo, flips a Pacific white-sided dolphin. (Ken Hively / LAT)
In the air
A killer whales flips a Pacific white-sided dolphin during an attack off the Monterey Penninsula. (Peggy Stap)
The hunt
A whale watching boat looking for Killer whales as they enter Monterey Canyon. (Ken Hively / LAT)
Killer whales circle a gray whale mother and calf during an attack off the Monterey Penninsula. (Nancy Black)
A male killer whale, known as CA 52, cruises the waters in search of food. ()
Checking out the scene
A sea otter in Monterey Bay. (Ken Hively / LAT)