Another transit option for fliers; use the bus in San Jose

Public transportation can be an efficient and cost-effective way to get from an airport into downtown.
(Emiliano Ponzi / For The Times)

Re: “Headed Downtown?,” by Sara Cagle, Nov. 18: I’m surprised Cagle didn’t mention the Newark Airport Express from Liberty International Airport in New Jersey to the Port Authority Bus Terminal and other stops in Manhattan. Unlike AirTrain, it is a direct ride and is $17, $8.50 for seniors. More convenient and a better deal.

Linda Shahinian

Culver City

I believe Cagle would have been kind to mention that recently, there have been frequent delays using any train to Manhattan from New Jersey. It’s been nightmarish.


Barbara Harris Cury


Buses in San Jose

Although downtown San Jose is quite walkable, I do have a comment concerning suggestions in Money Matters [“A Thanksgiving Getaway,” by Terry Gardner, Nov. 18]. The Fairmont San Jose is 2 1/2 miles from the Rose Garden and five miles from the Winchester Mystery House. Both places are worth visiting, but I wouldn’t try to walk to them from the Fairmont. Use the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority’s bus system (the VTA).


Colleen Bennett

La Verne

Skip Ryanair

Re “Ugly Rant Goes Unstopped,” Fly Guy, by Elliott Hester, Nov. 11]: There is an old saying: You get what you pay for. Ryanair is not an airline but a cargo transporter of animals, including horses. Animals in a cargo flights are kept in compartments with several bundles of hay.

I suggest air travelers select a more civilized carrier.

John R. Genna

Simi Valley

Baja options


Loved the article on San Felipe [“You’ll See Why the Expats Love It Here,” by Rosemary McClure, Nov. 18]. I’ve traveled/visited Baja for 37 years and find it more intriguing the farther south you travel.

Loreto has flights from LAX with competitive fares, excellent hotels and good food and shopping. The local people are warm and friendly wherever you go.

La Paz has some of the most beautiful beaches and water I have ever seen. Prices are also very reasonable.

Al De Vries



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