Six Flags Magic Mountain
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Top 10 Six Flags Magic Mountain roller coasters

Six Flags Magic Mountain proclaims itself the roller coaster capital of the world -- and for good reason. For pure thrills and sheer number of inversions, no other amusement park comes close. The meek need not apply.  (Six Flags)
10. Revolution -- Opened in 1976, the landmark ride is recognized as the world’s first steel looping coaster. The over-the-shoulder restraints -- the bane of coaster enthusiasts -- deliver a brutal beating. Keep your head back on the headrest or you’ll get your ears boxed. (Six Flags)
9. Ninja – The suspended steel coaster swoops over the hillside terrain at speeds reaching 55 mph with the main lift hill tacked onto the end of the ride. Ride operators dispatch trains with a boisterous “Hiya!” (Six Flags)
8. Goldrusher – The mine train-style steel coaster dips, dives and twists over hilly terrain. The family-friendly ride was the park’s first coaster back on opening day in 1971. My how times have changed. (Six Flags)
7. Riddler’s Revenge and Batman the Ride -- Built by the same manufacturer, the stand-up Riddler and suspended Batman coasters will always be linked in our mind -- both thematically and geographically. Ride them back to back. (Six Flags)
6. Scream -- The floorless coaster is one of the most underrated coasters in the U.S. The “parking lot” themed ride was built so quickly during the turn of the millennium coaster wars that Magic Mountain didn’t even bother to paint over the lines for the parking spaces below the ride. (Six Flags)
5. Terminator Salvation -- The tightly twisting and turning wooden coaster perfectly threads the needle as a hybrid family-friendly thrill ride -- providing a healthy dose of terror-tingle for tweens while delivering just enough adrenaline for coaster freaks. Delivers everything we like in a roller coaster -- a smooth ride, unrelenting speed and plenty of off-your-seat airtime.  (Six Flags)
4. Tatsu -- The flying coaster takes riders on a headfirst, face down ride through pretzel loops, horseshoe twists, barrel rolls and corkscrews. Think of it as high-speed, terrain-hugging hang gliding. (Six Flags)
3. Goliath -- The non-inverting mega coaster is all about speed, topping out at 85 mph. That first 255-foot drop through a tunnel takes your breath away. (Six Flags)
2. Colossus -- Built in 1978, the twin-tracked wooden roller coaster rumbles and sways over an incredibly long out-and-back course. The only thing better: Riding it backward during Fright Fest in October. One of our all-time favorite woodies. (Six Flags)
1. X2 -- Our candidate for best roller coaster in America -- to be spoken of in the same breadth as Millennium Force, Kingda Ka and Bizzaro. The special effects coaster with rotating 360-degree seats grabs you by the anatomy and squeezes until your heart pops out of your throat.  (Six Flags)