Turkish sailboat
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Cruising the outer Greek isles

The 62-foot gulet, Timer, under sail. (Amanda Jones)
Lunch on board the Timer was a large spread, with olives, fresh salads and vegetable mezzes. (Amanda Jones)
The charming Lipsi Island Harbor at dusk. (Amanda Jones)
A retired sponge diver on the island of Lipsi exhibits a particularly large specimen. (Amanda Jones)
Manoli, owner of Taverna Manoli, entreats passersby to taste his excellent cuisine. (Amanda Jones)
The interior of a tiny pastoral church on the island of Lipsi. (Amanda Jones)
Outside one of the many churches on Lipsi, a resident donkey keeps the lawn mowed. (Amanda Jones)
A remote church sits in the middle of a goat pasture, a sanctuary for wanderers and shepherds. (Amanda Jones)
The grand interior of the small Panagia church on the rural island of Pserimos. (Amanda Jones)
A local prays in a Panagia church (dedicated to Mary) while Orthodox chant music plays. (Amanda Jones)
A Greek Orthodox church on the island of Kos. (Amanda Jones)