Beijing, China
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The Week’s Travel Images: June 10th, 2007

Beijing, China
Beijing, China (China Photos / Getty Images)
Malabia House
Malabia House in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Malabia House)
La Quinta Resort and Club
The outdoor plaza at the La Quinta Resort and Club near Palm Springs. The resort’s $89-a-night Summer Splash Family Blast special is available through Aug. 31, 2007. ()
One Flight Fiction
The cover of “One Flight Fiction: Summersville,” a collection of stories for in-flight readers. (One Flight Fiction)
On the Spot
Hawaii by boat (Diane Bigda / For the Times)
Your Scene
A quick one day tour around Dubrovnik with Croatian native Tatiana Cameron led Denny Brouchard to frame this shot of Cameron’s sons running through the streets near the ancient wall that encircles Croatia’s capital. (Denny Brouchard)
Campton Place
The living room of the luxury suite at Campton Place, San Francisco. (Campton Place)