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Pantanal wetlands, Brazil

More than 30 million caimans, which average 31/2 to 61/2 feet in length, inhabit Brazil’s Pantanal. (Lee Foster / Lonely Planet)
Two Tuiuiu birds, symbols of the Brazilian Pantanal wetlands, search for food. (Dario Lopez-Mills / AP)
A Jacare alligator looks over the scenery as it floats in the fragile ecosystem of Brazil’s Pantanal. (Dario Lopez-Mills / AP)
A marsh deer is among residents of the Pantanal, which some officials want to develop. (Dario Lopez-Mills / AP)
Sunset casts its glow over the Pantanal, which is also home to jaguars, pumas, wolves, giant otters, anteaters and other wildlife. (John Maier Jr. / Lonely Planet)