Las Vegas clubs
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Las Vegas nightclubs

Blush, which is the reincarnation of the 2-year-old Lure, recently opened inside the Wynn hotel-casino. Today, clubs have short shelf lives. (Bill Hughes / For The Times)
Amber Orozco of Blush serves Rob Robinson of Miami. The new-club “buzz” matters to customers and, therefore, club operators. (Bill Hughes / For The Times)
Bartender Joy Palimino mixes a slew of Red Bull and Grey Goose vodkas during a busy night at Blush. (Bill Hughes / For the Times)
Blush’s décor is a mix of design elements that give the 4,500-square-foot club a sassy look. The walls are decorated with bright paintings and 300 paper lanterns hang from the ceilings. (Bill Hughes / For The Times)
The patio area at Blush allows patrons to chill out in a quieter atmosphere. (Bill Hughes / For The Times)