From the Archives: LSD sickens 27 at Marina del Rey party


Twenty-seven people were sickened by LSD-laced potato and corn chips at a Marina del Rey party attended by about 200 people.

Staff writer William Endicott reported in the April 6, 1970, Los Angeles Times:

At least 26 persons attending a Marina del Rey singles party took an unexpected hallucinogenic drug trip early Sunday after eating food apparently spiked with LSD.

Seventeen persons were hospitalized, including three women seriously ill and one man, with a heart condition, who was in a coma for several hours.

Sheriff’s deputies described some of the partygoers as so “stoned” they were unable to give their ages and said others were “really climbing the walls.”

Many were wandering around in a daze, stumbling and falling, they said.

Potato and corn chips were believed to contain the drug. Deputies said an informant told them that someone at the party was warning persons to “lay off the … chips.”

Deputies said a preliminary analysis of the chips revealed that had been sprinkled with LSD, which comes in either liquid or powdered form. ….

A followup story in the April 7, 1970, Los Angeles Times confirmed that the chips had been spiked with LSD. The Times followup also reported a total of 27 party-goers had been treated.

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