Brothers do time warp again in '70s-themed Good Times at Davey Wayne's

Twin brothers Mark and Jonnie Houston, known for transporting Angelenos back in time with their creatively designed, era-themed bars, have done it again with their newest venture, Good Times at Davey Wayne's.

The '70s throwback is nestled on an ordinary, unassuming street just east of the intersection of Hollywood and Vine.


At first glance, it's a randomly placed garage sale, rockin' some Bob Dylan tunes, strong incense and the occasional browsing hipster. But you quickly discover an impressive, curated collection, complete with vintage paintings, classic records and throw-back leather jackets, all of which are really for sale.

You step toward a refrigerator in the back, the gentleman seen working the register politely asks to check your I.D. Wait, why? Well, that's because the fridge is a secret entrance into a world straight from a scene from "That '70s Show"...

The initial shock value may be hard to come by now, as Good Times, which opened just a few weeks ago, now boasts a considerably sized crowd and a guest list at night. But once inside, you'll soon realize that this Americana-inspired time warp was absolutely worth it.

The brothers have dedicated the bar to their late father, David Wayne Houston, who they say was a jokester who loved to entertain friends in their childhood home. "Some of the best times of our lives was just hanging out with our dad," Jonnie said. "This space is the perfect reflection of where he'd want to be."

Nailing down the lowbrow style and gaudy colors indicative of the '70s was tricky, the duo admits. "From the fixtures and textures to the avocado greens and burnt oranges… at the time we thought it was so ugly," Mark said. "But it can be tastefully done."

As you walk by the personal family photos that line the faux fireplace, out to the back patio to a boisterous crowd sipping vodka-infused snow cones, some even laying down on the green AstroTurf, you get a sense of what a house party at the Houston home may have been like. "We're so happy to relive those days," says Mark.

The brothers, of course, are no strangers to the art of nostalgia. Their multifaceted, generational recreations, which include Harvard & Stone, La Descarga and No Vacancy, have rejuvenated L.A. night life in recent years. But they say it's the familial element that makes Good Times one of their "most memorable" ventures. "I meet people who bring their own parents in and we talk about their lives, their homes, their kids," Mark says. "That's a part of bringing people together. He would've been proud."

Texas-style treats and libations are also served from a pop-up trailer in the back. Hours of operation: 5 p.m.-2 a.m. Monday through Friday and 2 p.m.-2 a.m. on the weekends. Call to confirm happy hour times. The address: 1611 N. El Centro Blvd., Hollywood.