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Eruption of Fuego volcano forces residents out of a town that has symbolized their resilience, grit

Young people from the Guatemalan town of 15 de Octubre La Trinidad sit outside a school in Escuintla that sheltered some who fled after the June 2018 eruption of Fuego volcano (Volcano of Fire). (James Rodriguez / For The Times)
Displaced townspeople from La Trinidad mingle at the main entrance to the Jose Marti Federation school in 2018. (James Rodriguez / For The Times)
A path taken by volcanic debris is seen alongside the town of La Trinidad.  (James Rodriguez / For The Times)
A mural in town depicts events including near-extermination of the populace by the military during Guatemala’s civil war. Families who fled returned in buses on Oct. 15, 1998, and named the town 15 de Octubre La Trinidad. (James Rodriguez / For The Times)
A young woman bathes at a sink at the Jose Marti Federation school, which served as shelter in 2018 after the devastating volcanic eruption. (James Rodriguez / For The Times)
Otilia Gonzalez Lorenzo, who fled the day after the volcano’s eruption, walks through the desolate town of La Trinidad. (James Rodriguez / For The Times)
Wooden shelters in Escuintla served as temporary housing for some from La Trinidad.  (James Rodriguez / For The Times)
Fuego volcano, center, is highly active. The 2018 eruption killed at least 190 people, but local groups say thousands are still missing. At right is Acatenango volcano. (James Rodriguez / For The Times)
On security detail, Enner Vidal Lorenzo makes the rounds in La Trinidad. Fuego volcano looms in the background. Lorenzo said he and 11 other men stayed in town to guard homes. (James Rodriguez / For The Times)
Wilmer Garcia stands at what was the main thoroughfare of San Miguel los Lotes, a Guatemalan village wiped out in the June 2018 Fuego volcano eruption.  (James Rodriguez/For The Times)
In the days after the eruption, kitchen utensils are seen caked in ash inside a home in San Miguel los Lotes. (James Rodriguez / For The Times)
Estuardo Lorenzo, a member of the community security committee of La Trinidad, drinks coffee at the main outpost.  (James Rodriguez/For The Times)
Locals gather in El Rodeo village, much of which was destroyed in the eruption of Fuego volcano. (James Rodriguez/For The Times)