Germany arrests a second suspect in Russian espionage case

Bruno Kahl, head of the German intelligence agency
Bruno Kahl, head of Germany’s intelligence agency, arrives for a parliamentary committee hearing in Berlin in October 2017.
(Michael Sohn / Associated Press)
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German authorities said Thursday that they have arrested a second person in connection with a high-profile espionage case that has embarrassed Germany’s foreign intelligence agency.

Federal prosecutors said Arthur E., whose surname wasn’t released for privacy reasons, was detained at Munich airport last month after arriving from the United States.

Prosecutors said the suspect, a German citizen, is accused of treason for passing secrets obtained by Carsten L., an acquaintance working at Germany’s BND spy agency, to Russian intelligence.


The wariness over military involvement that made Germany hesitate to send tanks to Ukraine is rooted in the country’s memories of World War I and II.

Jan. 26, 2023

Arthur E. was not an employee of the BND, prosecutors said.

German authorities received support in their investigation from the FBI, they said.