“Baghdad” daily newspaper. June 11, 2006.
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Humor Amid Discomfort

The power most Iraqis are concerned about is the kind that runs ceiling fans and refrigerators. “Baghdad” daily newspaper. June 11, 2006. ()
Welcome summer! A hundred times. Welcome! “Baghdad” daily newspaper. June 15, 2006. ()
At last we’ve reached the light at the end of the tunnel.

Azzaman daily newspaper, May 30 ()
Power cuts ... the main reason for suicide!

Taakhi daily newspaper, June 10 ()
1.Poor citizen

2.Office of the minister of electricity

Dastour daily, June 4 ()
Sign: Private electricity generation. Price of one ampere is 10,000 Iraqi dinars. Hurry to reserve your subscription line. The number is limited.

Man holding hand fan: Well, I’m a civil servant. That means my salary is equal to 15 amperes.

Sabah daily, June 13 ()
We will resume our interview with the minister of electricity once we get electricity back on to our studio with our generator!!!

Sabah daily, June 21 ()
Man selling hand fans

Mada daily, June 7 ()
The government has been formed. When will you be formed, too?

Dastour, June 1 ()
My mom sent me! Would you loan us some electricity?

Mada, May 27 ()
Dear god

Making its way around the Internet. ()