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Fidel Castro through the years

Fidel Castro in his 1945 high school yearbook. The caption reads: “Distinguished student and a fine athlete. Very popular. Will study law and we have no doubt he will have a brilliant future.” (AP)
Fidel Castro was chosen as the best athlete of Belen High School in 1945. (AP)
June 26, 1956
Twenty-two Cuban exiles arrested for plotting the assassination of President Fulgencio Batista are shown in Mexico City on June 26, 1956. Fidel Castro, prominent revolutionary, is standing and indicated (arrow), and seated second from left is Ernesto “Che” Guevara. (AP)
March 14, 1957
Fidel Castro as a young anti-Batista Guerilla leader, operating in the Mountains of Eastern Cuba on March 14, 1957. (AP/Andrew St. George)
Cuban rebel leader Fidel Castro, center, questions a man charged with banditry during a trial held in the guerrillas’ base in the Cuban mountain range of Sierra Maestra in this 1958 photo. (AP/Andrew St. George)
January 1959
Fidel Castro addresses a crowd gathered in the park in front of the presidential palace in Havana in January 1959. In the speech, Castro defends the executions of former Batista men. (AP/Harold Valentine)
January 6, 1959
Fidel Castro talks with TV show host and N.Y. Daily News columnist Ed Sullivan on Jan. 6, 1959. (AP/Harold Valentine)
January 8, 1959
Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro speaks to supporters on Jan. 8, 1959, at the Batista military base Columbia, now known as Ciudad Libertad, one week after taking power. (AP)
March 16, 1959
Fidel Castro shown when he was the Prime Minister of Cuba. He is seated above numbers 732 as he rides the public bus from the presidential palace to the University of Havana stadium for the second half of a two part address on March 16, 1959.  (AP)
April 19, 1959
U.S. Vice President Richard Nixon and Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro leave Nixon’s office on April 19, 1959, after a two hour 20 minute chat behind closed doors. (AP)
Cuban rebel leader Fidel Castro and his son, Fidel Jr., are shown in their apartment in the Hilton Hotel in Havana in 1959. (AP)
March 5, 1960
Cuban leaders walk arm-in-arm at the head of the funeral procession for the victims of the La Coubre explosion. Fidel Castro, far left, the first president of post-Batista Cuba.  (AP)
April 20, 1960
Cuban leader Fidel Castro, a college baseball pitcher turned revolutionary, rears back to toss the traditional first ball at ceremonies preceding inaugural of International League Season in Havana in this April 20, 1960 file photo.  (AP)
May 13, 1960
Cuban leader Fidel Castro smiles after reeling in a 54-pound marlin during the first day’s competition of the annual Hemingway fishing tournament on May 13, 1960, in Havana. (AP)
May 15, 1960
Ernest Hemingway and Cuban leader Fidel Castro, right, exchange pleasantries at seaside after Castro won the individual championship in the annual Hemingway Anglers Tournament on May 15, 1960.  (AP)
February 13, 1961
Fidel Castro went cane cutting with thousands of other volunteer workers on Feb. 13, 1961, and official announcements said he sliced off more than 9,000 pounds of cane. Foreign correspondents and photographers were barred but this government photo shows him hard at work. (AP)
April 1961
Fidel Castro, lower right, sits inside a tank near Playa Giron, Cuba during the Bay of Pigs invasion in this April 1961 file photo provided by Granma, the Cuban government newspaper.  (AP/Canadian Press)
October 23, 1962
Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro replied to President Kennedy’s naval blockade over Cuban radio and television on Oct. 23, 1962. (AP)
December 1962
Cuban leader Fidel Castro is seen in a 20-minute documentary film on the Cuban Missile Crisis, which was part of an exhibit marking the 40th anniversary of the crisis at the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum in Boston, Oct. 1, 2002. (AP/JFK Library Museum)
In 1974, Fidel Castro joined sunbathers at Santa Maria beach outside Havana, Cuba. (AP File photo)
June 23, 1977
Fidel Castro is shown here enjoying a Cuban cigar during a ceremony at the Palace of Receptions in Havana on June 23, 1977 in Havana,Cuba. (Corbis/Wally McNamee)
March 1985
Fidel Castro exhales cigar smoke during a March 1985 interview at his presidential palace in Havana. Castro, a Havana attorney who fought for the poor, overthrew dictator Fulgencio Batista’s government on Jan. 1, 1959. He defeated a U.S. attempt, known as the Bay of Pigs invasion, to overthrow his revolutionary regime on April 19, 1961. Afterwards, Cuba armed itself with Soviet nuclear missiles aimed at the United States which almost brought the world to the brink of nuclear disaster. Castro, who has survived assassination attempts that included a poisoned cigar, threats of torture and stormy seas, is like a cat with nine lives. Yet as the world waits for more details on his current health and his surgery. The Cuban leader ceded power temporarily Monday, July 31, 2006, to his younger brother Raul Castro. (AP/ Charles Tasnadi, file)
August 10, 1991
President Castro joins Cuban fans in a wave during the US-Cuba womens semi-final basketball game in the XI Pan American Games on August 10, 1991 in Havana. Castro and local fans cheered the underdog Cuban team to an 89-81 upset victory over the U.S. (AP)
October 1995
Fidel Castro waved a large boxing glove in the air in October 1995 during an appearance he made at a Bronx restaurant. Castro told the mostly hispanic gathering that, “There are no death squads in Cuba.” (Sun Sentinel file photo)
October 17, 1998
Fidel Castro toasts after being ordained a member of the Brotherhood of Porto Wine Makers along with other Ibero-American leaders in Oporto on Oct 17, 1998, on the eve of the Ibero-American sumit.  (AP/Jerome Delay)
January 22, 1998
Cuban President Fidel Castro presents Pope John Paul II with a 120-year-old leather-bound biography of Father Felix Varela, a 19th-century priest whom Cubans consider one of the founders of Cuban nationalism, at the Palace of the Revolution in Havana, Cuba Thursday, Jan. 22,1998. (AP/Paul Hanna, Pool)
This 1999 file photo shows Cuban leader Fidel Castro giving a speech. Castro, who has been in power in Cuba since leading his revolution in 1959, celebrated his 73rd birthday.  (AFP/Getty, Adalberto Roque)
November 16, 1999
Cuban President Fidel Castro tries on a pair of sunglasses as he talks to the media November 16, 1999 in Havana, during the IX Iberoamerican Summit. The summit was the biggest international gathering hosted by Cuba since 1979. (AFP/Getty, Christophe Simon)
December 1999
Cuban President Fidel Castro, left, and his younger brother, Raul Castro, the minister of defense, in December 1999 during a meeting of the Cuban National Assembly in Havana, Cuba. (AP)
April 12, 2000
Fidel Castro (R) chats with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat before the opening session of the Group of 77 South Summit in Havana, April 12, 2000. Twenty-seven heads of State and 15 prime ministers from the Group attended the summit. (AFP/Getty, Adalberto Roque)
January 2001
Cuban President Fidel Castro waves a flag during a visit to the Havana neighborhood of San Jose de las Lajas, Jan. 2001. Castro spoke about the U.S. administration of George W. Bush and the recent diplomatic crisis over the arrest in Havana of two Czech citizens charged with subversion. (AFP/Getty, Adalberto Roque)
April 23, 2000
Cuban President Fidel Castro speaks to reporters after voting in municipal elections in Havana, Cuba.  (AP/Jose Goitia)
September 2001
Cuban President Fidel Castro speaks during a meeting with former South African President Nelson Mandela at Mandela’s office in Johannesburg, September 2001. Castro who took part in the UN World Racism conference in Durban used the opportunity to visit Mandela. (AFP/Getty, Yoav Lemmer)
June 23, 2001
Cuban leader Fidel Castro is shown moments before he appeared to faint while delivering a speech during a rally of tens of thousands, June 23, 2001, in Cotorro, near Havana, Cuba.  (AP/Cristobal Herrera)
March 1, 2002
Cuban President Fidel Castro puts on Compay Segundo’s hat which sold for $20,000 during an auction at the end of the Cigar Festival in Havana, Cuba, Friday March, 1, 2002. (AP/Jose Goitia)
May 2002
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and Cuban President Fidel Castro hold their hats to their hearts during the playing of their respective national anthems prior to an all-star baseball game, May 2002, in Havana.  (AFP/Getty, Adalberto Roque)
June 2003
Cuban President Fidel Castro and Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque, right, are seen just before starting a march in front of the Spanish embassy, June, 2003 in Havana, Cuba.  (AP/Jose Goitia)
March 6, 2004
Fidel Castro, right, embraces Vietnam’s Communist Party General Secretary, Nong Duc Manh after decorating him with the Jose Marti order, the higest Cuban decoration, at the Revolution Palace on Saturday, March 6, 2004 in Havana, Cuba. (AP/Cristobal Herrera)
October 20, 2004
Cuban President Fidel Castro speaks to Elian Gonzalez Oct. 20, 2004, in Santa Clara, about 186 miles east of Havana before a speech to celebrate Cuban Culture Day. (AP/Jose Goitia)
October 21, 2004
Cuban President Fidel Castro, center, trips after a speech at a graduation ceremony in Santa Clara, Cuba.  (AP/ APTN)
May 1, 2005
Cuban President Fidel Castro poses with shipwreck survivor Elian Gonzalez, whose custody battle morphed into a US-Cuban political wrestling match, after presiding over a massive May Day demonstration at Havana’s Plaza de la Revolucion on May 1st, 2005.  (AFP/Getty Images)
September 6, 2005
Cuban leader Fidel Castro makes a face when joking with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez while both briefly talked with admirers during a break in the PetroCaribbean Summit meeting on oil in the Caribbean.  (AP/Brennan Linsley)
December 13, 2005
Russian President Vladimir Putin is greeted by Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Dec. 13, 2005, after arriving at Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport. Putin was on a four-day trip to Cuba, the first visit of a Russian leader since the fall of the former Soviet Union. (AP/Jose Goita)
April 29, 2006
From left: Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez, Cuba’s President Fidel Castro listen as Bolivia’s President Evo Morales smiles at the Plaza of Revolution in Havana on April 29, 2006.  (AP/ Javier Galeano)
May 15, 2006
Cuban President Fidel Castro speaks during a radio and TV special program broadcasted on May 15, 2006 in Havana.  (AFP Getty Images/Marcelino Vazquez Hernandez)
September 5, 2006
In this undated photo released by Granma, the Cuban government’s official publication, Cuba’s President Fidel Castro reads a newspaper during his recuperation from several operations. (AP)
June 3, 2007
In this photo released by Cuba’s Juventud Rebelde newspaper, Cuba’s President Fidel Castro is seen with Vietnamese Communist Party chief Nong Duc Manh in Havana, Saturday, June 2, 2007.Convalescing leader Fidel Castro received visiting Vietnamese Communist Party chief Nong Duc Manh on Saturday. (AP)
June 5, 2007
In this video frame grab image taken from the Cuban television program “Mesa Redonda” or “Round Table” which aired Tuesday June 5, 2007, Cuban leader Fidel Castro speaks during an interview from an undisclosed location in Cuba. (AP)