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Hostage situation in Venezuela

Hostages that had been held by gunmen inside a bank in Venezuela plead for help. A sign with the words “Por Favor (Please)” is shown above the captives. The four gunmen negotiated their getaway Tuesday and sped off with five hostages, leaving the others inside the bank. (Howard Yanes / Associated Press)
Hostages plead for help after being held for more than 24 hours. (Howard Yanes / Associated Press)
One of the hostages holds a young girl in his arms as he seeks help from a broken window of the bank. (Juan Batteto / AFP/Getty Images)
An armed man stands behind a hostage inside the bank. More than 20 people were being held captive during the standoff with police. (Howard Yanes / Associated Press)
The gunman holds his weapon up alongside a captive. A few people were released although it wasn’t immediately clear how many were freed as relatives and onlookers massed at the front door of the bank while others were led to waiting ambulances. (Howard Yanes / Associated Press)
Members of the anti-kidnapping squad earlier try to communicate with the four gunmen. In a deal with the police, the men were allowed to leave in an ambulance with five hostages. (Luis Vallenilla / AFP/Getty Images)
Members of the anti-kidnapping squad were earlier at the ready with weapons drawn. (Nixon Alviarez / AFP/Getty Images)
Members of the anti-kidnapping squad stand ready to help free the hostages. (Juan Barreto / AFP/Getty Images)
A member of the National Guard takes cover behind a car and aims at the bank during the hostage standoff. Officers stood down at the urging of a hostage who left with the gunmen as an ambulance pulled up to ferry the group away. (Johny de Panissi / Associated Press)
A police officer carries a girl from the bank as authorities begin helping the hostages leave the building. (Jesus Rodriguez / Associated Press)
A pregnant woman is taken away on a stretcher after being held hostage for more than 24 hours. (Howard Yanes / Associated Press)
The ambulance carrying the four gunmen and their five captives speeds away from the bank in Altagracia de Orituco, Venezuela. (Howard Yanes / Associated Press)