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Iraq bombing

Iraqi police officers inspect the site of a suicide attack in Baghdad’s Karrada district. A suicide bomber blew himself up amid Iraqi policemen and Iraqi Red Crescent workers while they were distributing humanitarian aid to displaced families. (Ali Abbas / EPA)
An Iraqi boy watches a woman as she grieves over the death of her son and two grandchildren after a suicide attack on a police patrol escorting a Red Crescent vehicle delivering food aid to Iraqi refugees in Tahariyat Square. (Ahmad Al-Rubaye / AFP/Getty Images)
A U.S. soldier sifts through remains of food aid that was being delivered by the Red Crescent (the Islamic equivalent to the Red Cross) to Iraqi refugees. (Ahmad Al-Rubaye / AFP/Getty Images)
A woman reacts near the site of a deadly suicide bombing in Baghdad. (Karim Kadim / Associated Press)