Iraqi detention
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Overcrowding at detention facility

An Iraqi prisoner speaks to Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Abdul-Kareem Khalaf while he escorts the news media on a tour of the National Police detention center in northwest Baghdad. (Karim Kadim / Associated Press)
At the Iraqi-run National Police detention center in northwest Baghdad, detainees sit on the floor with some of their personal items hanging above them. (Chris Hondros / Getty Images)
Detainees pass out simple meals of rice at the National Police detention center. Nearly 900 inmates are crowded in the facility, which was intended to hold 300. (Chris Hondros / Getty Images)
This detainee says he was injured in a mortar attack two weeks ago. Half-treated wounds, skin diseases and grossly unsanitary conditions seem to be common at the detention facility. (Chris Hondros / Getty Images)
According to Iraqi law, detainees should be brought before a judge within 72 hours of their arrest. Most stay for about two months, said Gen. Kareem Ali Chazrage, commander of the National Police division that manages the detention center. (Chris Hondros / Getty Images)