Glass wall proposed to replace Eiffel Tower metal fencing

French riot police officers patrol under the Eiffel Tower prior to a Euro 2016 soccer match.
(Kamil Zihnioglu / AP)

Paris authorities say they want to replace the metal security fencing around the Eiffel Tower with a more visually appealing glass wall.

A statement from Paris City Hall issued Thursday said see-through panels could replace the existing fences at the north and south of the famed monument that were installed for the Euro 2016 soccer event.

The proposal will be examined by the city’s sites commission and then needs approval from the environment ministry.


City tourism chief Jean-Francois Martins says the glass is an aesthetic substitute for the metal fencing, which was “useful in security matters” but “spoils the view.”

The proposal is part of a $3.2-million project announced in January to modernize the 128-year-old tower.

No timetable has been set for the possible work.


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