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Border crossing continues

Palestinians carrying empty gasoline containers jump over a breached wall into Egypt. Israel had earlier imposed a blockade in response to continued attacks on Israeli border towns, making fuel and other goods scarce. (Nasser Nasser / Associated Press)
Sheep are herded across the border as Gazans cart back livestock and other goods. Egyptian forces have begun to take measures to control the chaos that’s arisen from the tens of thousands of Gazans heading into the country. (Khaled El Fiqi / EPA)
Gazans lug as many empty gasoline containers as they can carry into Egypt to stock up on fuel. (Nasser Nasser / Associated Press)
Gas canisters are hauled across the border. (Khaled Desouki AFP/Getty Images)
Egyptian guards help an injured riot policeman who had scuffled with Palestinians. (Khalil Hamra / Associated Press)
Thousands of Gazans poured into Egypt after Palestinian gunmen set off a series of explosions along the border wall. (Mahmud Hams / AFP/Getty Images)
A Hamas militant, far left, and Egyptian security personnel, right, watch Palestinians cross into and out of Egypt. (Khalil Hamra / Associated Press)
Egyptian and Palestinian border guards reportedly did not offer resistance when the mass crowd surged across the border. (Mohammed Saber / EPA)
A Palestinian woman carries the goods she bought in Egypt. (Mahmud Hams / AFP/Getty Images)
A man hoists a mattress above his head as Palestinians cross into Egypt to buy food and other supplies that are lacking in the impoverished territory. (Khalil Hamra / Associated Press)
Egyptian women watch as Palestinians stream in. (Hatem Moussa / Associated Press)
A Palestinian child is passed into Egypt. (Naaman Omar / Bloomberg News)
Palestinians return to the Gaza Strip with sheep from Egypt. After the border wall was breached, thousands of Gazans crossed over to buy food, fuel and other supplies that had been cut off because of an Israeli blockade. (Hatem Omar / Associated Press)
Palestinians look on as a bulldozer breaches a section of the border wall between the Gaza Strip and Egypt at the Rafah crossing area. (Ali Ali / EPA)