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One year after dome’s destruction

Iraqis confront the raging fire resulting from a car bomb in the central market in Baghdad on Monday. Several explosions claimed at least 100 lives in Baghdad alone, and scores more were injured. (Saad Khalaf / LAT)
In a collapsed building, Iraqi firefighters attempt to extingush the fire from a bomb amid twisted metal, shattered glass, smoke and blood on Monday in Baghdad. (Saad Khalaf / LAT)
Shiites rally in the holy city of Najaf in central Iraq on Monday on the first anniversary of the destruction of one of their most sacred shrines in Samarra. (Qassem Zein AFP/Getty Images)
Shiites in Sadr City commemorate the first anniversary of the bombing of a sacred shrine in Samarra. (Wissam Al-Okaili AFP/Getty Images)
Shiites marchers in Karbala, Iraq, remember the destruction one year of sacred shrine in Samarra. (Mohammed Sawaf AFP/Getty Images)
Shiites rally in Baghdad’s impoverished district of Sadr City on Monday. Commemorating the first anniversary of the destruction of the sacred shrine in Samarra, the rally speaks to the sectarian bloodshed prompted by the bombing (Wissam Al-Okaili AFP/Getty Images)
Iraqi Shiites carry a poster in Karbala depicting the destruction of the 1,000-year-old Imam Ali al-Hadi mausoleum and its golden dome. The sacred shrine was bombed one year ago, triggering widespread sectarian bloodshed that killed more than 34,000 people, according to a United-Nations report. (Mohammed Sawaf AFP/Getty Images)
Iraqi Shiites shout slogans during a rally Monday in Baghdad’s impoverished district of Sadr City. (Wissam Al-Okaili AFP/Getty Images)
Shiites across Iraq on Monday marked the first anniversary of the destruction of Samarra’s sacred shrine. In this Sadr City protest, a car carries a replica of the damaged Golden Dome. (Karim Kadim / AP)