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Violence in Kenya

Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki, left, walks with visiting South African Bishop Desmond Tutu at State House, the presidential residence in Nairobi, where they discussed the postelection violence that has racked the country. (EPA/PPS)
Tear gas
Paramilitary troops throw tear gas at backers of the opposition Orange Democratic Movement in Mombasa, Kenya. (EPA)
Security forces share food with residents of the Kibera area of Nairobi. (Boniface Mwangi / Bloomberg News)
Police patrol the streets of Mathare, a suburb of Nairobi, one of the areas where protests have erupted over recent election results. (Boniface Mwangi / Bloomberg News)
Supporters of opposition leader Raila Odinga gather in Nairobi, Kenya, to protest President Mwai Kibaki’s victory in an election they say was rigged. (Darko Bandic / Associated Press)
Opponents of President Mwai Kibaki tear down a banner of him in Nairobi. Postelection violence in Kenya has left hundreds of people dead. (Kim Ludbrook / EPA)
A man tries in vain to put out a fire that destroyed a shopping area during clashes between police and Orange Democratic Movement supporters in Nairobi. (Kim Ludbrook / EPA)
A man in Nairobi carries a frightened girl from an area of wooden kiosks that was set on fire by backers of Raila Odinga’s party. (Ben Curtis / Associated Press)
Police use water cannons to disperse the protesters. (Riccardo Gangale / Associated Press)