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Playboy on trial

Indonesian Playboy editor Erwin Arnada shows off copies of the magazine’s first edition in Jakarta in April 2006. Islamists’ focus on the magazine suggests to many Indonesians that it was singled out for attack as a symbol of what hard-liners consider Western pollution of traditional Islamic morals. (Irwin Fedriansyah / AP)
A model is photographed for an upcoming issue of Indonesian Playboy. The men’s magazine published its first edition in Indonesia in April 2006, but unlike its racier U.S. parent, Indonesia’s version does not show nudity. (Dimas Ardian / Getty Images)
A judge ruled the magazine, which does not contain nude pictures, “could not be categorized as pornography.” (Dimas Ardian / Getty Images)
Young men in Jakarta check out the magazine’s premiere edition, featuring pictorials of underwear-clad women baring, at most, midriffs, thighs and cleavage. (Jewel Samad AFP/Getty Images)
An Islamic Defenders Front protester takes part in a demonstration in Jakarta in March. The trial was part of a broader struggle between a vocal minority of Islamic hard-liners and the more tolerant majority in Indonesia, which has the world’s largest Muslim population. (Ahmad Zamroni AFP/Getty Images)
Protesters tear apart an copy of Indonesian Playboy during a protest outside the magazine’s offices in Jakarta. (Achmad Ibrahim / AP)
Andhara Early, the cover model for Indonesian Playboy’s first edition, is escorted from court after testifying in Arnada’s indecency trial. (Mast Irham / EPA)
In a Jakarta courtroom, Arnada listens as judges deliver their verdict in his indecency trial. (Dimas Ardian / Getty Images)
Arnada embraces his sister after learning of his court victory. A leading opponent hinted he may continue efforts to shut the magazine down. (Dimas Ardian / Getty Images)