Patricio Salgado Garcia
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Mexico’s safe house

Patricio Salgado Garcia
Officer Patricio Salgado Garcia watches over an empty safe house that was built for the many Central American migrants who pass through Ecatepec, a Mexico City suburb. The mayor has declared the city to be migrant friendly and has ordered police and city officials not to cooperate with Mexican immigration authorities. (Sarah Meghan Lee / For The Times)
Alicia Valdez Ambriz peeks out from a renovated train car along the tracks in Ecatepec where she makes her home with her family. A freight train known as “the beast” ferries Central Americans northward to the U.S. border -- a 1,200-mile journey across Mexico that is fraught with danger. (Sarah Meghan Lee / For The Times)
Dangerous Neighborhood
The train tracks pass through an impoverished neighborhood where residents offer the migrants food, clothing and even a chance to take a bath. (Sarah Meghan Lee / For The Times)
Safe House
Officer Patricio Salgado Garcia steps into the empty safe house designed to give passing migrants secure shelter. Thousands of undocumented Hondurans, Guatemalans, Salvadorans and others pass through Ecatepec each year. “For Ecatepec, migration is not a criminal act,” says Mayor Jose Luis Gutierrez. (Sarah Meghan Lee / For The Los Angeles Times)