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Joint Effort

Concertina wire adds a layer of protection for U.S. soldiers sharing a joint security station with Iraqi police in Northwest Baghdad. (Rick Loomis / LAT)
Spc. Matthew Koval, 21, of Amarillo, Tx., and Spc. Roger Forsythe, 22, of Warwick, R.I., do push-ups with other members of the 82nd Airborne Division stationed at the joint security station. They are part of the additional troops called up by President Bush to combat the insurgent violence around the country. (Rick Loomis / LAT)
A soldier from the 82nd Airborne Division keeps watch over a Baghdad street during a patrol with other soldiers as part of an effort to bring stability to the increasingly violent city. (Rick Loomis / LAT)
A U.S. soldier and Arabic translator pass under a generator powered light as they patrol a Baghdad neighborhood with other soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division. (Rick Loomis / LAT)
Two Iraqi police officers look at photos of fellow officers at the Sulakh police station in Baghdad’s Adhamiya neighborhood who have been slain in the last six months. The joint security station is one 15 now operational in Baghdad. More are planned as part of a security crackdown effort. (Rick Loomis / LAT)
First Lt. Steve Taylor, 25, of Hudson, N. H., provides cover for other 82nd Airborne Division soldiers from next to a bullet-riddled bus near the entrance to the joint security station. (Rick Loomis / LAT)