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Swiss police: Train attacker and wounded woman die

Swiss train
Police stand by a train at the station in Salez, eastern Switzerland, after a man set a fire and stabbed passengers.
(Beat Kaelin / AFP/Getty Images)

Swiss police said Sunday that the man who attacked people with a knife and burning liquid aboard a train died of his wounds, and so did a 34-year-old woman he had injured. 

St. Gallen canton police said the woman died Sunday morning of wounds suffered in the Saturday afternoon attack

The attacker, a 27-year-old man, died of his wounds in a hospital later Sunday. St. Gallen police said the man, described only as a Swiss man from a neighboring state, had sustained serious burns himself.  

Three others remain in critical condition. A total of seven were wounded. 


Police spokesman Hans-Peter Kruesi told the Associated Press earlier that authorities had not been able to interrogate the attacker due to his condition. 

Kruesi said police found no indications the man had ties to extremist groups. 

The attack occurred as the train neared the station in Salez, close to the Liechtenstein border. 



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4:50 a.m.: Updated with the attacker’s death.

This article was first posted at 4:05 a.m.

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