Suspected Turkish airstrikes in Syria kill at least 18 civilians


A Syria monitoring group and a Kurdish news agency say overnight airstrikes, suspected to be Turkish, have hit a village in northern Syria, killing at least 18 civilians.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says at least 19 were killed, including three children, in the attack on the majority Kurdish village of Thulthana, in northern Aleppo province.

The village is in an area controlled by Islamic State militants.

The Hawar news agency in the semiautonomous Kurdish areas in Syria said 18 were killed. It says the attack happened around midnight Tuesday.


There was no immediate comment from Ankara.

Turkish military launched an offensive inside Syria in August, backing Syrian rebels, to push Islamic State militants from its borders and curb advances of Syrian Kurdish rebels, which it sees as an extension of its own outlawed Kurdish rebels.


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