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Monks disrupt journalists’ tour

Buddhist monks speak at Jokhang Temple in Lhasa, where a group of them staged a brief protest in the presence of visiting foreign journalists. The monks shouted down a Chinese official who was briefing the reporters on the recent unrest in the Tibetan capital. (AFP / Getty Images)
It was a tense, emotional scene for Buddhist monks during a Chinese government-managed visit to a temple by foreign reporters. The effort backfired when monks disrupted the tour, screaming that there was no religious freedom in Tibet. (Andy Wong / Associated Press)
Buddhist monks gather around visiting foreign journalists at Jokhang Temple, one of Tibet’s holiest shrines. (Andy Wong / Los Angeles Times)
Damage from the recent riots in Lhasa doesn’t stop a vendor from conducting business. (Andy Wong / Associated Press)
A man imprisoned in Lhasa after the recent riots is allowed to be interviewed by foreign journalists. (Andy Wong / Associated Press)