Olympic torch, Argentina
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Olympic torch reaches Argentina

A Chinese official holds the Olympic torch upon its arrival at the Buenos Aires airport. (Leo Zavattaro AFP/Getty Images)
Although some people protested the Olympic torch relay in Buenos Aires, there were none of the disruptions that marred previous relays in London, Paris and San Francisco. (Daniel Garcia AFP/Getty Images)
Members of Buenos Aires’ large Chinese immigrant community, wearing red windbreakers and waving Chinese flags, celebrate the torch procession. (Cezaro De Luca / EPA)
The torch gets an escort from members of Argentina’s Chinese community. (Daniel Garcia AFP/Getty Images)
Torch-bearers pass the flame in Buenos Aires. (Gabriel Piko / Associated Press)
Former Argentine cycling champion Marcelo Alexandre carries the Olympic torch. (Juan Mabromata AFP/Getty Images)
Argentine sports commentator Gonzalo Bonadeo takes the Olympic torch from hockey player Marcelo Garrafo. (Cezaro De Luca / EPA)
Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri holds the Olympic torch, accompanied by Alicia Morea, left, a member of the Argentine Olympic Committee, and Beijing Vice Mayor Liu Jingmin. (Natacha Pisarenko / Associated Press)
Tennis star Gabriela Sabatini closes the three-hour Olympic torch relay in Buenos Aires. (Rolando Andrade AFP/Getty Images)