Venice flooding
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Venice flooding

A boat is pressed into use to cope with flooding in Venice’s famed St. Mark’s Square. The city flooded as a result of one of its highest tides in recorded history--more than 20 inches over flood level. (Sebastiano Casellati AFP/Getty Images)
Visitors to St. Mark’s Square in Venice photograph the scene of the worst flooding the city has seen since 1986. (Andrea Merola / European Pressphoto Agency)
A cafe’s tables and chairs are submerged under the high water in Venice. (Luigi Costantini / Associated Press)
Rialto Bridge provides one of the few dry spots for pedestrians in flooded Venice. (Luigi Costantini / Associated Press)
The streets of Venice resembled its canals after an unusually high tide brought flooding, leaving pedestrians to wade through the high water. (Andrea Pattaro AFP/Getty Images)
A Venice shopkeeper uses a garden hose to draw water out of his flooded shop. (Andrea Merola / European Pressphoto Agency)
A woman finds a seat in a shoe shop above the water in Venice after one of the highest tides in the city’s recorded history. (Andrea Pattaro AFP/Getty Images)
A woman appears to be standing in the middle of the Venetian Lagoon as she waits for a boat in the flooded Italian city. (Andrea Pattaro AFP/Getty Images)
Waters from Venice’s Grand Canal spill onto its quay as a result of the unusually high tide. (Andrea Pattaro AFP/Getty Images)
Tourists try to keep their luggage dry while wading through high water in Venice. (Luigi Costantini / Associated Press)
People walk along a flooded quay near idle gondolas in Venice. (Andrea Pattaro AFP/Getty Images)
People wade through high water on the streets of Venice. (Luigi Costantini / Associated Press)