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Christmas morning on YouTube: I’m so happy I’m crying

For more proof that YouTube has become the repository of America’s funniest home videos, note the viral success of “soooo happy” -- a video about a little boy who gets the video game “Tank! Tank! Tank!” for Christmas.

He tears open the present and starts smiling wildly. Then suddenly his expression changes and next thing you know, he’s crying.


“Daddy, I’m soooo happy,” he wails as the tears stream down his cheeks.

“I’ve never seen a little boy do that,” says the dad behind the camera.


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A voice in the background screeches: “You’re so happy you’re crying? You gotta send that to home videos!”

But Daddy didn’t send it to “home videos.” He put it up on YouTube and a few days later it had been viewed close to 200,000 times.

For comparison, a video of the same little boy taken over the summer has received fewer than 400 views.


Our emotional little friend is named Reese, and as an emotional person myself, I totally get the crying over a present. It’s Christmas morning. He and his brother are surrounded by a sea of gifts. There’s so much excitement and anticipation and joy that it’s hard for a little guy to digest it all.


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