Suicide bombers strike Western base in Afghanistan, killing 2

KABUL, Afghanistan -- In an attack on a coalition military base in downtown Kabul, two suicide bombers set off explosions Wednesday morning that killed two Afghan security guards but caused no Western military casualties.

The two bombers approached the entrance of Camp Eggers, a fortified military base, at around 8 a.m. and were fired on by Afghan security guards, said police spokesman Hashmat Stanikzai. Camp Eggers is occupied primarily by U.S. military personnel, along with soldiers from the International Security Assistance Force and some civilian workers.


Stanikzai said the two bombers detonated suicide vests, killing themselves and the two guards. Five civilian passersby were injured and taken to hospitals, Stanikzai told The Times.

A spokesman for the ISAF, Air Force Lt. Col. Les Carroll, said no one from the Western coalition was harmed. He said all ISAF bases in the area were secured and extra precautions were taken to protect coalition personnel.

Another ISAF spokesman, James Graybeal, said an ISAF military vehicle may have been damaged by the explosion.


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Special correspondent Hashmat Baktash contributed to this report.