Inside Syria: Dispatches from the Los Angeles Times

The Los Angeles Times' Beirut bureau chief, Patrick J. McDonnell, was granted a rare visa to report from Syria in September 2013, his third trip this year. These are official visits, so he is spending his time in government-held areas.
Oft-repeated mantra in Damascus: 'We're tired of this'

Syria's pro-government militias a major boost for Assad's army

The numerous militias in Syria have gone from ill-organized neighborhood watch groups to a coherent paramilitary organization.

Syrian rebels accused of massacre near Aleppo

Times reporter Patrick J. McDonnell on his trip to Syria

Syrian government holds victory celebration in battered Qusair

In the Syrian city of Homs, no reprieve from battle

In 2011, the commercial hub of Homs gained notoriety as the cradle of the uprising. Two years later, the war grinds on in the Old City.

Syria loyalists in Damascus cheered by Qusair victory

Supporters of Syria's Bashar Assad in a Damascus neighborhood believe the long war is at a turning point after successes in Qusair and elsewhere.