Domingo Cardoza
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Troops Come Home

When Domingo Cardoza received his orders to go to Iraq, he was newly married and just five weeks shy of earning a degree in environmental engineering at Humboldt State. (Domingo Cardoza)
Specialist Sean Farley considers himself fortunate to have returned without a scratch from an assignment in which one in five men in his unit was killed or wounded. (Sean Farley)
Spc. Sean Farley, left, marches beside his father, Msg. Rick Farley, in Durham. Farley returned from Iraq. His father was scheduled to leave with the 115th Area Support Group for Kuwait. (Tristan Spinski)
Rian Farley wears a charm bracelet as she supports her son, Spc. Sean Farley, who recently returned from Iraq. (Tristan Spinski)
Spc. Sean Patrick Farley looks for woodpeckers that are damaging the trees in his yard in Durham. (Tristan Spinski)
Sgt. Dennis Sarla’s journal from Iraq. On June 22 last year, he became severely dehydrated while on patrol with his unit. Sgt. Patrick McCaffery, a friend, took his pack. Shortly afterward, the unit was ambushed and McCaffery was killed. The bullet tore a hole through the journal. (Tristan Spinski)
Sgt. Dennis Sarla and his wife, Jeanette, walk their dog, Zoe, in their Santa Rosa neighborhood. (Tristan Spinski)
Easter, left, and Jeanette Sarla prepare dinner. When Jeanette’s husband, Sgt. Dennis Sarla, returned home from Iraq, she surprised him with a remodeled kitchen, only to find out that her husband had re-enlisted for six more years so they could afford to remodel the kitchen. (Tristan Spinski)
Sgt. Dennis Sarla has returned to his construction job, but the going has been slow as he recovers from an injured shoulder. (Tristan Spinski)
Sgt. Conan Nunley of Petaluma, fell off a Humvee and injured his shoulder while serving in Iraq. (Jakob Schiller)
Sgt. Conan Nunley of Petaluma and his father, Allen, prepare to leave the Travis Air Force Base after Nunley underwent surgery in April for a shoulder injury he sustained when he fell off a Humvee in Iraq. (Jakob Schiller)
A nurse at the Travis Air Force Base’s David Grant Hospital helps Sgt. Conan Nunley after Nunley underwent surgery in April. (Jakob Schiller)
Sgt. Conan Nunley of Petaluma looks at the incisions doctors made in April during surgery to fix a shoulder injury he sustained. His girlfriend, Rachael Sorrick, also had surgery to fix her shoulder after she fell off a bike. (Jakob Schiller)
Sgt. Conan Nunley of Petaluma keeps bracelets with the names of two soldiers from his unit who were killed in Iraq. (Jakob Schiller)
First Lt. Domingo Cardoza shares a quite moment with his wife, Sangam Tiwari, in April. (Jakob Schiller)
Captain William C. Turner hikes with his dog, Riley, in the Sunol Regional Wilderness outside Freemont, Calif. (Jakob Schiller)
Captain William C. Turner with his dog, Riley, in the Sunol Regional Wilderness outside Freemont, Clif. (Jakob Schiller)