Cow falls on man: 1-ton animal falls through roof onto his bed

Cattle feed near Modesto, Calif. In a bizarre accident in Brazil, a 1-ton cow fell through the roof of a man's house, crushing him as he slept.
(Bob Chamberlin / Los Angeles Times)

SÃO PAULO, Brazil -- A man died after a one-ton cow crashed through his roof and landed on him while he was asleep in bed, local press reported.

Authorities said the cow wandered down a hill and onto the top of the home of Joao Maria de Souza, 45, in the small city of Caratinga before crashing through a thin asbestos roof.

Maria de Souza was initially conscious after the blow on July 10, authorities said, but succumbed to injuries the next day.

The cow, which was reportedly uninjured, narrowly missed his wife.

Despite economic gains in the last decade, a large number of Brazilians remain in dire living conditions, in makeshift houses or in irregular locations. Housing was a focus of some of the protests that swept the country in June.

In response to the demonstrations, President Dilma Rousseff met with a representatives of social movement advocating for improvements, the Movimento de Trabalhadores Sem Teto, which translates literally as the Roofless Workers Movement.


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