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Summer products for when its hot, hot, hot

Summer products for when its hot, hot, hot
The Koldfront portable air conditioner goes where you need it.

Summer. Sometimes you're too hot and sometimes you're too cold if the air's cranked up to Arctic. We found some products — from a misting fan to cooling shirts — that will help you manage your own personal heat index and make summer living a breeze.

Zero Rules Short Sleeve Shirt


Men and women can help regulate their body temps — even doing aerobics in the heat — with Columbia's Zero Rules short sleeve shirts. The shirts feature Columbia's Omni-Freeze Zero technology, which embeds thousands of tiny blue rings that positions an active cooling agent next to your skin to lower the temperature of the fabric, creating an instant and prolonged cooling effect. The shirts come in myriad colors, provide UPF 30 sun protection, stretch for comfort and the antimicrobial treatment protects the shirt from bacterial growth. $39 for both men and women at Columbia stores and major retailers.

Bionaire Electric Heater Fan


A space heater in the summer? Yes! If you work in an office where the air conditioning is on full blast or your spouse freezes you out of your own home. Fight cold air with warm air with a Bionaire Electric Heater Fan. This heat circulator distributes warmth into the air for maximum comfort, dissipating the cold and enveloping you in warmer air. Its specially designed rotating grill disperses air evenly throughout space in a wide area. It has two heat settings, overheat protection and cool touch housing. In the office, be sure to check with your office manager to see if space heaters are permitted and be sure to turn it off at night. Keep it away from anything flammable. $37.99 at Walmart and other retailers.

NewAir Outdoor Misting Fan

You love the outdoors in the summer; you don't love the heat. Get out your garden hose and hook it up to the NewAir AF 520 18-inch Oscillating Outdoor Misting Fan. This misting fan has a built-in hose that connects to a garden hose and adds a cool mist to its airflow. It offers enough cooling to cover up to 500 square feet of patio space. The bronze finish complements the great outdoors and the fan head is adjustable to cool the areas that need it most. Three speeds. $149.95 Sears and

Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Body Mist


Sun protection never felt so good. This non-sticky, light and continuous spray mist from Neutrogena cools and instantly refreshes skin on contact. Formulated with Helioplex Technology, this product also delivers broad-spectrum protection from the sun and stands up to sweat. The water-light mist leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. Available in SPF 70 and 40, the formula is non-comedogenic (doesn't clog pores), and water- and sweat-resistant. $10.49 at major retailers.

Koldfront Ultracool Portable Air Conditioner

Get all the cool air your need with the Koldfront Ultra-cool 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner. It comfortably cools rooms up to 500 square feet, has three fan speeds to control cool air output and noise and a programmable timer. Venting the air conditioner is an easy three-step process. Your purchase includes all the necessary materials. $429 (free shipping and return) at

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