A makeover for the Dow: Adios, AT&T. Hello, Apple

AT&T has been a Dow component since 1916. But now it's getting the boot, to be replaced by Apple

Friday's fun, fun, fun Consumer Confidential segment from KTLA-TV:

Changing Dow. The Dow Jones industrial average is making a big change. Beginning March 19, AT&T is out and Apple is in. It's a prudent change. The Dow still has telecom representation with Verizon Communications, and Apple is the current big dog in the corporate kennel. Still, a bit of a dis for AT&T. The company has been one of the 30 Dow stocks since 1916.

Driverless cars. It's been said that once cars can drive themselves, the accident rate could drop by as much as 90%. Now there's a study that says the economy could get a big boost as well thanks to people spending their commutes shopping online. As much as $140 billion in retail activity could be generated by all this e-commerce, the study predicts. Me, I'll keep my eyes on the road, no matter who's got the wheel.

Changing money. There's a movement to dump Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill and replace him with a woman. Some of the names being proposed make a lot of sense -- Rosa Parks, for example, or Harriet Tubman. Check out the video to see who I'd add to that list.

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